Affiliate Membership


Affiliate Membership

Persons who are eligible to become an Affiliate Member must be eighteen years or older and comply with at least one of the following:

(i) is a person who is any relative of a person (living or deceased) who is or was eligible to be a Service or Life Member of the League (proof of eligibility to be provided to the sub-Branch);

(ii) is a person who had been awarded the Certificate of Merit or a National or State Certificate of Appreciation for giving valuable service to the League;

(iii) is a cadet and/or Officer of Cadets;

(iv) is any person deemed by the sub-Branch Committee to have provided significant service to the sub-Branch and support of the Objects of the League.

For more information on becoming an Affiliate Member of the League please phone the sub-branch office on (02) 6762 1244

Please Note: No sub-Branch is compelled to admit Affiliate Members.

Please Click here for Affiliate Membership Form

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